PlanEnjoy hunting(Gibier hunter)

  • Go hunting in the mountains on weekends.
  • Capture harmful birds and animals, such as wild boars and deers.

Weekend Gibier hunter

Work in downtown Hamamatsu or remotely on weekdays.

And go hunting in the mountains to become a weekend Gibier hunter on weekends.

You can go to the mountainous areas in which hunting is permitted in one or two hours by car, or you can build a mountain hut there for hunting seasons. Hunting with hunting guns is possible from November 15 to February 15 (or March 15 for Japanese deers), which is the hunting season in Hamamatsu.


Hunting license

You need to obtain a hunting license and hunter’s registration card for hunting. Permitted hunting equipment depends on the type of hunting license.

Type of licensePermitted hunting equipment
Amiryo (net hunting)Muso net, beam net, stick net, casting net
Wanaryo (trap hunting)Kukuri trap, box trap, enclosure trap
First-class Juryo (first-class hunting)Shotgun, rifle, air gun (including compressed gas type air gun)
Second-class Juryo (second-class hunting)Air gun


Game animals

Wild birds and animals (mammals) that can legally be hunted are called “game animals.” They include 28 kinds of birds, such as mallard duck, spot-billed duck, turtledove, bulbul, starling and pheasant and 20 kinds of animals, such as wild boar, Japanese deer, hare, fox, racoon dog and masked palm civet.


We will introduce a hunter association.

We will introduce a hunter association in Hamamatsu (Western Shizuoka Hunting Association) in order to enjoy safe hunting in comfort.

Hunting association is an organization consisting of the people who love hunting. Once you join it, you can get useful information and advice from experienced hunters who know the mountains well. There are 15 branches in Western Shizuoka Hunting Association. We will introduce a head of the branch appropriate for you.


there are many more

Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in our recommended plans. We are willing to help you to grant your wishes.

Flow of Concierge Service

  1. 01

    We introduce the real estate properties and give professional advice for renovating used houses to the corporate and individual customers who are considering of relocating or moving into Hamamatsu.

    *Don’t hesitate to contact us, as the consultation is free of charge.

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    Please send us an e-mail first.

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    Please send us an e-mail
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    We will reply to your inquiry by e-mail.
    Then, we will make arrangement for a remote meeting with you.

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    In the remote consultation, we will ask your wishes, requests and concerns in detail and answer your questions.

  5. 05

    Once you applied for the membership of Slow Living in Hamamatsu (no charge), we will make a proposal suitable for your wishes and requests.

  6. 06

    The Concierge of Slow Living in Hamamatsu will introduce real estate properties.

    For the request for tourist information in Hamamatsu, we will introduce Entetsu-Taxi, a partner of Slow Living in Hamamatsu (Please bear the actual expenses).

    support for your relocation
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    For building a new house or renovating a used house, we will introduce an architect.

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    We will support anything related to your living upon your request.
    We will give advice regarding hospitals and nursing homes, as well as the restaurants offering local delicious foods. We will introduce a specialist.

    Moreover, we will introduce a company specialized in recruiting upon your request.