PlanEnjoy touring throughout the year in the city of motorcycle, Hamamatsu.

  • Go out for a touring every weekend.
  • Spend weekends with your motorcycle.
  • Hamamatsu, Mecca of motorcycle

The city of motorcycle, Hamamatsu

Major Japanese motorcycle manufacturers: Suzuki, Honda and Yamaha all started their business in Hamamatsu. An event named “Motorcycle Hometown Hamamatsu” is held on August 19 (“Have a bike day”) every year.


Extensive touring courses

There are many touring courses from Hamamatsu that is surrounded by a plenty of natural environment, such as Suruga Bay, Lake Hamana, Tenryu River, Tenryu Forest and South Alps. As you can go in the middle of nature soon after you start running, you can fully enjoy the real pleasure of touring.


Enjoy touring in all seasons

It rains little, and rarely snows in Hamamatsu.

You can feel the four seasons by riding a motorcycle.


Practice fields for off-road bike and enduro

On a river bed of the Tenryu River, there are courses for motocross and enduro. (Some courses are charged.) You can also enjoy riding an off-road motorcycle.


there are many more

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Flow of Concierge Service

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    We introduce the real estate properties and give professional advice for renovating used houses to the corporate and individual customers who are considering of relocating or moving into Hamamatsu.

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    In the remote consultation, we will ask your wishes, requests and concerns in detail and answer your questions.

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    Once you applied for the membership of Slow Living in Hamamatsu (no charge), we will make a proposal suitable for your wishes and requests.

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    The Concierge of Slow Living in Hamamatsu will introduce real estate properties.

    For the request for tourist information in Hamamatsu, we will introduce Entetsu-Taxi, a partner of Slow Living in Hamamatsu (Please bear the actual expenses).

    support for your relocation
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    For building a new house or renovating a used house, we will introduce an architect.

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    We will support anything related to your living upon your request.
    We will give advice regarding hospitals and nursing homes, as well as the restaurants offering local delicious foods. We will introduce a specialist.

    Moreover, we will introduce a company specialized in recruiting upon your request.